Explore Bali Through Your Five Senses

May 13 - 24, 2017

Join us as we visit the magical island of Bali on a fully guided tour

Join us in experiencing the magical island of Bali through the five senses. We will begin each day with a focus on one of the senses and tour sacred temples and sites to enhance the process of self-discovery while connecting with the energy of Bali.  Accommodations will include traditional Balinese villas with beautiful rice paddy or ocean views.  We will spend time in meditation, receive a blessing from Bali’s High Priestess of Hindu Dharma, relax in hot springs with a view of the majestic Mount Batur and spend two days on the island of Nasu Penida, home of Bali’s most energy charged temples.


Bali "Five Senses" Tour - Highlights

  1. Temple tours and visits with meditation and/or ceremony
  2. A visit to the temple of Ida Resi the High Priestess of Hindu Dharma and receive a personal blessing by Ida
  3. Experience a traditional Balinese market - to shop for the foods guests will prepare in a private cooking class
  4. Rice field hike and nature tour
  5. Relax in the hot springs on the shores of Lake Batur
  6. Snorkling and beach time
  7. Two days on the small island of Nasu Penida with private time in the most sacred temples in Bali
  8. Traditional Balinese foods
  9. Sound healing and meditations
  10. One-on-one sessions with both Shaun and Jeannie (please elaborate here if desired)
  11. Lodging in beautiful, traditional Balinese accommodations
  12. Visit to beautiful rice terraces
  13. Visit the Ujung Water Palace

Daryl Shaun Price, Certified Life Coach

Your Guide

Daryl Shaun Price, Certified Life Coach, Empath & Psychic

Daryl Shaun Price is a certified life coach, intuitive empath, gifted psychic and musician. He has been coaching people on their spiritual journeys for over twenty years and employs a unique mix of secular life coaching, spiritual tools and gifts. He is a skilled rune caster and card reader and uses those tools to help guide his clients. He is also gifted with crystal healing and all forms of pendulum work. He is the only Celtic Story weaver in Utah, employing stories and guided meditation in a unique mix helping clients find greater peace and balance.  His clients come away from sessions feeling empowered, grounded, and more balanced. He has a gift for helping your body and spirit communicate with each other helping clients silence their minds enough to really listen. He helps his clients find a lasting balance, true harmony, and greater peace in their life employing ancient wisdom from Celtic and Viking traditions. He loves journeying and helping others tap into the ancient wisdom in our amazing world.  A journey with him is truly a life changing experience.

$2,600 Per Person / Double Occupancy
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