Reality & Manifesting Your Dreams

June 10 - 21, 2017

Join us as we visit the magical island of Bali on a fully guided tour

Have you dreamed of creating the life you deserve?  Working on health issues or bringing in more joy and abundance?  We all have the ability to manifest our reality on the physical plane.  Join us and take advantage of the high vibrations available on the beautiful island of Bali to learn how to create the life of your dreams.  Through the practice of creativity, meditation and visualization Melissa will teach you how to tap into your own powerful force of creation.  We will visit locations and temples to increase our awareness to tap into our subconscious and natural abilities to bring about change and a fruition of our hearts desires.


Reality Manifestation Tour - Highlights

  1. Guided meditations and daily teachings with Melissa
  2. Temple tours and visits
  3. Attend a traditional Balinese ceremony
  4. Create your own batik
  5. Visit a Balian palm reader (Balinese healer)
  6. Experience a traditional Balinese market - to shop for the foods you will prepare in a private cooking class
  7. Rice field hike and nature tour
  8. Bicycling through the beautiful rice fields with lunch
  9. Tour of a traditional Balinese village with a meal prepared in the home of our hosts
  10. Relax in the hot springs on the shores of Lake Batur
  11. Two days Eastern Bali with time to relax and snorkle from the black sand beaches
  12. Traditional Balinese foods
  13. Healing massage and spa treatments
  14. One-on-one session with Melissa
  15. Private intuitive session with Jeannie
  16. Lodging in beautiful, traditional Balinese accommodations
  17. Visit to beautiful rice terraces
  18. Visit the Ujung Water Palace

Melissa Nikolai, Certified Lifeline Practitioner

Your Guide

Melissa Nikolai, Certified Lifeline Practitioner

As a Certified Lifeline Practitioner, Melissa has found it to be a never-ending journey of empowerment, healing and growth. The LifeLine changes you in ways that you didn't realize you could change. The issues, challenges, mindsets and beliefs that define you, the filters through which you view the world, these are not set in stone; we are not destined to accept and live with them. We really can change. And that change is really just a reconnection to our authentic selves, our true nature, of love and joy. 

Melissa also is a Reiki Master and offers classes in the beautiful mountain town of Park City. She has mastered a unique and powerful method of manifestation and actively practices what she has learned, and now teaches, on a daily basis.  We all have the ability to create the lives we dream of. Through consistent and focused intent, meditation and visualization we are the masters of our own reality. Join Melissa in Bali, where the energies and practices easily reach a very high frequency, and learn how you too can be the captain of your own ship creating the life you deserve and are destined to live. She is amazingly passionate about sharing her training, experiences and methods to other individuals who are searching for health, peace, prosperity and joy.

$2,895 Per Person / Double Occupancy
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